Tutoring One on One Learning

Subject Specific K-12

Our Individualized Tutoring program is designed to assist students with day-to-day school assignments such as homework, organizing daily assignments and developing study skills.  Accessing and incorporating technology to drive and supplement instructional practices is an important part of our approach.

  • We strive to build student confidence by providing individual skills and strategies needed to tackle higher level material.
  • A unique multi-sensory approach.
  • Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile learning strategies are implemented.
  • Adjusting and meeting the diverse needs of the student.
Test Prep

Our Tutoring program also helps assist students with studying for quizzes or tests by building upon the student’s prior knowledge, fortifying their academic skills and improving their learning style.  Our curriculum includes “real” standardized tests, supplemental material that will expose students to the testing format, and individual work tailored to meet each student’s individual needs.

  • Multi-sensory resources are used to maintain interest and increase student motivation.
  • Goals are set and continuously evaluated through the use of individualized benchmark assessments. When skills are mastered by the student, new goals are set.
Entrance Exams

Our Private school entrance exam program prepares students to meet the criteria for admission to a variety of private and parochial schools.  Students will be presented with test-taking strategies and consistent practice to ensure admission to the school.

  • Full review of the skills covered in the entrance exam and focus on areas that were identified in the students’ evaluation as areas needing additional attention.
  • Incorporate test taking strategies and consistent practice.
State Exams

A part of a State assessment study group, the focus will be on improving the student’s achievement and boosting confidence on state standardized tests such as FACT, TAKS, CAPT and PASS.

  • Build the proper foundation that will allow the student to grow and feel confident.
  • Key areas emphasized are Test-taking strategies and time management.