Igniting a Passion for Growth in Every Learner.

Personalizing education to help individuals gain confidence and skills for lifelong success, directly impacting classroom performance and sustainable academic growth.

Our Philosophy in Action

One on One Learning leverages data-driven strategies to improve student performance metrics, such as graduation rates, standardized test scores, and college readiness, effectively demonstrating our impact on critical district goals.

Scalable Solutions for Every District

One on One Learning develops scalable educational solutions tailored to the unique needs of each district, enhancing student outcomes and academic performance. Our model adapts to various educational environments, ensuring effective results that district leaders value.

Our GAINS methodology stands as a testament to this commitment, built on the following pillars:

Academic Achievement

Individualized programming tailored to close achievement gaps, ensuring each student can access learning in a way that works for them.


Placing a significant emphasis on students' social and emotional development, alongside their academic progress.

Positive Mindset

Instilling a positive mindset, teaching students resilience, optimism, and the power of perseverance.

Continuous Improvement

Consistently enhancing our tutor's skills with up-to-date, research-backed strategies

Research-Based Resources

Focusing on continuously updating our resources to provide the most recent research supported trends as part of our tutoring program.
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Excellence Recognized

We are proud to announce that One on One Learning has been awarded Cognia Accreditation, a mark of quality recognized nationally among educational institutions.

This accreditation affirms our adherence to high standards of educational excellence and our commitment to continuous improvement.

Cognia’s rigorous evaluation process underscores our capability to meet and exceed benchmarks that impact student learning directly, setting us apart in the field of educational services.

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of Our Mission

Our mission is to accommodate the unique needs of each student, fostering confidence, independence, and academic excellence.

At the heart of One on One Learning is a diverse team driven by empathy, integrity, and a relentless 'Make it Happen' spirit. We’re not just educators; we're life changers, committed to empowering every learner to reach their full potential.