Meet Our Tutors: The Heart of One on One Learning.

At One on One Learning, we believe that an empowered tutor leads to an empowered student. Our tutors are more than just academic coaches; they are mentors and guides.

Our Selection Process

We exercise great diligence in selecting who joins our team. We look beyond academic qualifications to find tutors who excel in emotional intelligence and social interaction, as they play a significant role in holistic student development.

Individualized Approach to Staff Development.

All of our training programs are individualized just as our tutoring sessions are.

We only work with highly vetted tutors who align with our approach and philosophy.

Highly Qualified and Compliant Tutors.

Our commitment to safety and excellence. Every One on One Learning tutor not only comes with a wealth of experience but also clears stringent background checks, fully complying with the Jessica Lunsford Act. We are committed to ensuring a safe and ethical environment for all students.

Strategies for Success Training.

Foundational training, real impact. Tutors undergo our 'Strategies for Success' training to understand the core of the One on One Learning tutoring method.

From program specifics to district requirements, our tutors are prepared to offer the highest standards of education.

Continuous Support and Development.

An unwavering support system. Unlike other organizations, our support doesn’t end when a tutor is assigned to a school.

Tutors can reach out to their program coordinators at any time for support or guidance, ensuring a consistent quality of service.

Ongoing Training Opportunities.

Because learning never stops. We offer monthly development sessions on a variety of topics, from trauma-informed tutoring and cultural sensitivity to subject-specific teaching techniques. We continually invest in our tutors, so they, in turn, can invest in our students.