Meet Our Tutors: The Heart of One on One Learning

At One on One Learning, highly skilled tutors are fundamental to elevating overall district performance. Our tutors are academic experts and mentors who actively guide students toward enhanced educational outcomes.

Our Selection Process

Our tutors are selected through a rigorous process that evaluates not only their academic qualifications but also their emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. This comprehensive approach ensures they are well-equipped to support both the academic and personal growth of students.

Personalized Tutor Training

Training at One on One Learning is customized to align with each tutor's unique strengths and instructional styles. This personalization ensures our tutors are adept at meeting the distinct academic and developmental needs of the schools and students they serve.

Commitment to Safety and Standards

All tutors at One on One Learning are extensively experienced and adhere to strict safety standards, including thorough background checks in compliance with the Jessica Lunsford Act. We prioritize creating a safe and conducive educational environment for all students.

Foundational and Ongoing Training

Our tutors receive foundational training designed to equip them with our core educational methodologies. Continuous professional development and coaching sessions ensure they stay current with the latest educational practices and are prepared to respond to the evolving needs of their students.

Supportive Professional Environment

Support for our tutors extends beyond initial training. They have ongoing access to training resources, allowing them to continually refine their skills and adapt to new challenges. This support ensures they can consistently deliver high-quality educational services.

Continual Learning and Development

We are dedicated to the ongoing professional growth of our tutors. Regular training sessions cover a range of topics, from trauma-informed tutoring to cultural sensitivity, equipping our tutors to effectively meet the diverse needs of students and enhance their academic performance.