Partnering With Parents for Student Success.

Research shows that family involvement is critical to unlocking a child’s potential. At One on One Learning, we make parent engagement a central pillar of our approach. Our family services empower parents with strategies, resources, and support networks to nurture their child’s growth.

Strengthening the Home-School Connection

It takes a village to educate a child. We facilitate seamless collaboration between parents and schools by equipping parents to actively participate in their child’s learning, establishing ongoing two-way communication channels, providing guidance on how to best collaborate with teachers, creating meaningful volunteer opportunities, and organizing student performances and achievement celebrations. This fosters a united front that propels each student forward.

Workshops That Engage and Empower

We lead interactive workshops tailored to your parents’ needs. Sample topics include:

  • Promoting growth mindset.
  • Building executive function skills.
  • Developing strong study habits.
  • Managing screen time.
  • Navigating learning disabilities.
  • Fostering independence.
  • Preparing for student-led conferences.

Parents leave feeling re-energized and equipped with actionable strategies. Our workshops are designed to meet parents where they are through relatable examples, engaging activities, and practical takeaways.

Ongoing Support and Networking

Beyond workshops, we provide ongoing coaching and facilitate parent-to-parent collaborations. Parents can share resources, experiences, and insights through parent councils, coffee chats, family events, volunteering activities, private social media groups, and parent mentorship programs. We also offer one-on-one guidance for parents who need additional support or have specific concerns. Our goal is to create a judgment-free space where parents can access the help they need.

Ongoing Impact Through Technology

Through virtual meetings, webinars, and online training modules, parents can access guidance at their convenience. Our secure parent portal offers strategies to aid learning at home, fun educational activities and resources, insights into the curriculum and what students are learning, uploadable samples of student work for feedback, and direct messaging with teachers. By meeting parents where they are – in-person and digitally – we drive sustained engagement that supports student outcomes all year.

Your School, Our Priority

As an approved district vendor, One on One Learning now provides our family engagement services to underprivileged neighborhoods and children. Let us showcase how strategic family engagement can boost student achievement, satisfaction, and your school's reputation. We tailor our offerings to align with your strategic priorities, providing maximum benefit for your students and school.

Let us work together to unlock the power of parental involvement. Contact One on One Learning today to learn more about our customizable family engagement services.