Customized Learning Journeys.

At One on One Learning, we take an individualized approach to support each student's needs. Our comprehensive process puts students on the path to academic and personal growth through customized support.

Initial Discovery and Assessment

We gather insights into students' abilities, learning styles, strengths, challenges, interests, and goals. Comprehensive assessments provide the data to design fully tailored learning plans that address the specific requirements of your student population.

Individualized Learning Plan Development

Leveraging assessment data and insights from your school staff and students, we develop Individualized Learning Plans outlining the curriculum, resources, and instructional strategies optimized for each student's success. No two plans look alike, as each is designed around meeting unique learner needs.

Multi-Sensory Instruction

Lesson plans incorporate visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile learning activities tailored to students' needs and preferences. This multi-sensory instruction ensures the material is presented so students naturally comprehend it best. Teaching is adapted to learning style, not one-size-fits-all.

Ongoing Collaboration

We maintain an open dialogue with your staff regarding student development, learning gains, and challenges. This fosters coordinated support from all stakeholders to help your school's learners excel. We provide regular progress reports and meetings to discuss growth.

Continuous Assessment and Adaptation

Student progress is constantly tracked, and instruction is adjusted accordingly. Pre- and post-testing benchmarks development, while regular progress monitoring identifies evolving needs. Assessments enable us to adapt quickly to accelerate student advancement.

Mastery of Skills and Confidence

The ultimate aim is for students to achieve mastery of skills, knowledge, and learning strategies. With individualized pacing and approach, learners gain confidence in comprehending the material and applying skills independently – becoming self-driven, motivated students.

At One on One Learning, we are committed to understanding each student's needs and charting a personalized path to unlock their brightest future. Let us enrich the learning experience at your school.